Ad Critique #14 – Azamara Club Cruises

In this critique I analyze a print magazine ad from Azamara Club Cruises. What I Like Uses a highly recognizable travel icon: the Christ Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro. Decent job with the Call to Action (Call your Travel Professional or Visit….). What I Would Change Everything; this is a perfect example of a…

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Ad Critique #13 – Queen Mary

In this post I critique a print magazine ad for the Queen Mary; a floating tourist attraction in Long Beach, California.     Things I Like: Good use of high quality, relevant photography Makes an offer (one ticket unlimited access) Uses bonuses (access to Chill park + Queen Mary) Makes offer: 50% with Promo Code…

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Ad Critique #12 – Waterfall Resort

Travel Copywriter

In this critique I analyze magazine ad by Waterfall Resort, a fishing lodge in Alaska. What I Like Good use of photography/imagery.  The ad is meant to attract men (maybe women?) who like to fish, so the images do a good job of future pacing and showing potential visitors what they’ll experience if they visit. Logo…

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Ad Critique #11 –

Travel Marketing Tips

In this critique I analyze a PPC campaign from, a company advertising on some high volume “cruise” keywords, and what they could do to create a more profitable campaign. What I Like Use of keyword in title (keyword was “Mediterranean cruise,” which gets 27,000 searches/month) Authority/credibility building (175 years in business) Use of scarcity…

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