About Me

Hi, I’m Chris, an ex-sales executive who quit my job to start an online business.

During my first few years as a ‘entrepreneur’ I made almost zero money…

…to the point I burnt through my entire $81,000 life savings and ended up near flat broke living at my parents – at age 29.

Then I discovered the power of direct response copywriting.

Fast forward to today and I’ve written for and consulted with Shark Tank winners, Inc. 500 companies, and 7 and 8-figure Internet Marketers.  I’ve also been hired by – and trained under – some of the world’s leading coach marketing authorities.

More important, as someone who’s experienced the life altering power of coaching (twice now), I am convinced it is by far the fastest path to rapid personal development. Given this, I’ve made it my mission to help coaches just like you attract more clients.

Because the more people we get coached, the more lives we can transform.

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