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More Clients, Less Calls.

We help established experts increase enrollment in their high-end programs while slashing their sales call volume by 50% or more.

How Our Service Works

Here's how I help my partners enroll new clients into their high-end programs without anyone ever having to pick up the phone for a Discovery Call or Strategy Session:


Whether it's from running live events or selling info products, most experts have a huge database of customers who bought something once then disappeared. We'll help you reactivate them while guiding them into your high margin programs.


There are five categories of obstacles that stop big-ticket sales dead in their tracks: Time, Identity, Money, Energy, and Reputation. By identifying which matter to your prospects most, we enroll more clients into your premium programs with ease.


With a client ascension process that's been developed over years of working with Shark Tank winners, Inc. 500 companies, and industry experts, ascending one-time buyers into your ongoing programs is quite literally our area of expertise.

Performance-Based Database Marketing

“Gone are the days of attracting big-ticket buyers through “automated webinars.”  Instead, we’ve found a new way to enroll new clients into your premium programs through scalable – but highly personalized – 1-on-1 outreach.  And the best part?  We do so without anyone from your team or my team ever having to pick up the phone for a sales call.”

Chris Laub, Owner

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