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Performance-Based Big Ticket Enrollment

I help coaches, consultants, and trainers enroll more clients into their premium programs…guaranteed.

Performance-Based Database Marketing

“The days of attracting big-ticket buyers through webinars and funnels are near dead.  Instead, we’ve found a new way to enroll premium buyers into your high ticket programs through scalable – but highly personalized – 1-on-1 outreach.  And the best part?  We do so without anyone from your team or my team ever having to pick up the phone for a “strategy session” or sales call.”

Chris Laub, Owner

How Our Service Works

Here's how I can help you convert your unconverted leads while turning your low-ticket buyers into high-ticket clients:


Whether it's from running live events or selling info products, most experts have a huge database of one-time customers who've only spent a couple hundred bucks with you. We'll show how to turn those customers into lifelong clients (fast).


There are five categories of obstacles that stop big-ticket sales dead in their tracks: Time, Identity, Money, Energy, and Reputation. By identifying which matter to your prospects most, we enroll more clients into your premium programs with ease.


With a client ascension process that's been developed over years of working with Shark Tank winners, Inc. 500 companies, and industry experts, ascending one-time buyers into your ongoing programs is quite literally our area of expertise.

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