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More Clients, Less Sales Calls

We help established coaches enroll new clients into their premium programs without having to spend hours and hours on sales calls or strategy sessions.

How the Silent Enrollment System Works

Here's how we help our partners enroll premium clients without picking up the phone:


To sell something for thousands of dollars without getting on the phone, it's critical we understand your Perfect Prospect's pain points and desires on an extremely deep level. To do this, we execute on a proven empathy-focused market research process.


With our research done, we then position your program so that the transformation being promised is a perfect match to your prospect's dream outcome. Further, we create 'Category of One' positioning that eliminates the possibility of comparison shopping.


Last, we take everything we've learned and combine that into what we call a Silent Sales Document. This document communicates the value of your program in such a powerful way we're able to close $5,000+ deals without anyone getting on the phone or Zoom.

Our Philosophy

In the process of scaling, escaping the role of salesperson is one of the toughest transitions a coach will go through.  And while hiring a salesperson is always an option, most coaches don’t have the skills, lead flow, or bandwidth needed to manage someone.  Because of that, we help experts increase cash-flow – while reducing their workload – before outsourcing their sales. In doing so, we help our clients free up 5-15+ hours per week while escaping the mental, emotional, and spiritual drain of spending hours and hours on unnecessary sales calls.

Chris Laub, Owner

We're Looking for Partners, Not Just ``Clients``

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