Performance-Based Client Enrollment

We Help Established Experts Convert Their Unconverted Leads Into Premium Clients

“The days of running Facebook ads to an “evergreen webinar” are done. Consumers are more sophisticated these days. Fortunately, we found a way that is both easier – and more enjoyable – for both sides.”

Chris Laub, Founder

What We Do Best

While most marketers want to generate new leads for your premium programs, we take the leads you already have and enroll them for you...guaranteed.

OUR RISK % 100

How We Help You Win


While amateurs focus on hacks and tactics, high performers know its the strategy that matters. Sexy? No. Effective? Yes.


A wise man once said: "Marketing comes down to what you say, and to whom you say it." We'll get you crystal clear on both.


Forget "lead gen." Instead, we take the unconverted leads you already have and enroll them into your premium programs...guaranteed.


With extensive experience helping over 200 trainers and coaches increase enrollment, we have some of the most experienced "big-ticket" copywriters on the planet.


While most marketers ignore market research, we know it's critical to finding the pain points and desires that will spark your prospects into taking action.


While most agencies want to charge big set up fees and massive ongoing retainers, we run our services on a 100% performance basis. Meaning, we don't get paid unless our work performs...period.

Our Team

Chris Laub – Performance-Based Premium Client Enrollment
Chris Laub Founder

With over a decade of digital marketing experience, and a client list that includes Shark Tank winners and eight-figure Inc. 500 companies, Chris has extensive experience helping experts increase profits.

Chris Laub – Performance-Based Premium Client Enrollment
Mariana Hirt Graphic Design Maestro

With a background in corporate design, and a passion for bringing out her clients vision, Mariana produces arresting - and high converting - graphic design for both large corporations and small businesses alike.

Chris Laub – Performance-Based Premium Client Enrollment
Joseph Cruz Tech Expert

Responsible for streamlining the execution of our campaigns, Joseph ensures our campaigns run at maximum efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring your prospects get the attention they deserve.


"A week ago, an account I was running - that had over $700,000 in spend - got shut down. So what did I do? I called Chris at 8pm on a Friday night begging for new ad copy. Results are in... Crushing it. Brand-new account scaled to $2,500/day in less than a week. 550% Return on Ad Spend in an uber-competitive niche."

Bobby Stocks, Serial Entrepreneur



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