About Me

Hi, my name’s Chris.

I can’t stand stuffy corporate speak, so here’s what you (for the most part) need to know about me:

  • Worked in online marketing for 11 years
  • Client list includes Shark Tank winners, 7-8 figure Inc. 500 companies, and dozens of small businesses
  • I specialize in helping businesses use ‘funnels’ and paid ads to attract more leads, customers, and clients
  • After growing disgusted with the lack of ethics I saw in the ‘Internet Marketing’ world, I shifted my focus to helping hard-working local business owners attract leads through Facebook ads

That’s the boring stuff. The fun stuff:

  • After reading Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Work Week (yeah, right), I quit a near six-figure job – at age 25 – so I could travel the world
  • I speak three languages and will be marrying my incredible Brazilian fiancee in April of 2018
  • My travels took me through 39 countries, seven of which I lived in
  • I’m obsessed with surfing, adore all dogs, and read 50+ books per year

For more information on how I can help you get more leads for your local business, click here to apply to work with me.

**Or, if you want to get to know me a little better, add me on Facebook or LinkedIn.