Bold Predictions for the High Ticket Coaching Industry

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How Coaches Are Getting in 2018 and Beyond

A month or so ago I wrote a post predicting the downfall of the Evergreen Webinar coaches have been using to drive leads over the past four years.

This was by far one of my most popular posts, so I wanted to follow that up with what I’m seeing working now, and what I *believe* is going to work in the short to medium term future.


#1 – “Nurturing” Becomes Mandatory for Long-term Profitability

Not nurturing leads/prospects is one of the biggest issues plaguing the “coaching / expert” industry.

In Part #1, I outlined how the traditional Ad –> Landing Page –> Evergreen Webinar funnel most coaches are using has a 0.2% conversion rate.

Meaning, out of every 500 people who opt-in to that funnel, 499 don’t convert.

In any other industry, such a weak conversion rate would be grounds for firing someone / adopting a new strategy.  But with coaching and expert funnels, it’s become the industry norm.

However, as Facebook ad costs skyrocket, and consumers pay less and less attention to all these “Masterclass” ads in their feeds, most experts will have no choice but to adopt a more effective strategy (explained below).

Information marketers learned this lesson a long time ago.

That’s why we have the ascension funnel (see more on this below).

But, as we’re already seeing (and have been seeing since 2017), getting an ice cold stranger onto a 45-90 minute webinar has become more and more expensive.

It’s a combination of:

– Facebook ad costs sky-rocketing

– Consumers becoming more jaded (not to mention having less patience for fluffly videos and webinars)

– Attention spans getting shorter

And because of that, anyone wanting a total stranger to spend an hour with them will need to earn their attention.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking this needs to take a long time.

It doesn’t, per point #2👇

#2 – Attention Ascension

As consumers become more and more resistant to attending recorded webinars / spending 45-90 minutes with a total stranger, coaches/experts/etc. are going to have to put in more effort to break through that resistance.

Meaning, they’re going to have to capture the consumer’s attention with a low hurdle, small-time commitment offer.

Then after they’ve done that successfully, ascend them through a series of increasingly more committed steps (where the consumer commits more ATTENTION as the business owner provides more value).

This is no different from the Tripwire Value Ladder funnel Ryan Deiss made famous.  Except that instead of ascending someone through a series of increasingly expensive offers, we move them through a series of increasingly more time-consuming offers.

*No, this isn’t exactly “new.”

But moving forward, I see this as shifting from something that’s “nice” to do…

…to near mandatory for long-term profitability.

#3 – Email Marketing Will Win

In my copywriter training business, email was by FAR my #1 source of applications.  Coaches hate to hear this, as most of them have “tried” email, failed at it, and declared it “dead.”

Hint: It’s not.

There’s a reason the gurus hire email copywriters to write all those newsletters that flood your inbox:

They work.

In a campaign I ran a few weeks ago, I saw a coaching company do 8 sales directly off their webinar, and a whopping 32 sales by using email to follow up with the people who attended the webinar.

That’s a 400% improvement.

Or, to put it another way, if they’d ignored email, they would have left 80% of their revenue and profits on the table.

Admittedly, email marketing is not “easy.”

It takes halfway decent copywriting and – if you have a good sized list – an understanding of email deliverability.

But make no mistake about it: Email crushes.

And the more effective you become at a) getting people onto your email lists (for the right reasons), and b) following up with them until they’re ready to make a purchase…

…the more profitable your marketing becomes.

Want to see Part III?

I’ve got at least six more predictions based on what I’m seeing working NOW and what the industry is heading towards.

So if you want to stay up to date on this stuff, join my Group using the link below:


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