[Case Study] How to Make an Extra $125,730 from Your Organic Traffic

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As I build more and more funnels for my clients, I’ve noticed a trend of website owners that are getting TONS of organic traffic…but totally failing when it comes to monetizing it.

In fact, I’ve seen this so many times now I’ve noticed a pattern. It goes something like this:

The Organic Traffic Trap

SMB owner is/was a member of an enthusiast niche (people who are irrationally passionate about something or in serious pain) –> They start a blog / site giving away tons of free content –> Over time they develop a huge following because their content is so good –> They throw up an opt-in box and create a few random products –> Start making some sales –> Continue investing tons of time into content and getting organic distribution (SEO and social) –> Get more traffic –> Wonder why they’re not making very much money.

The problem?  The belief that getting more traffic is the answer to making more sales.

In reality, most of these site owners are getting more than enough traffic to make a high six figures or low seven. Instead, their problem is converting their existing traffic and maximizing customer value.

Work With What You Already Have

This is where applying direct response principles – like sales funnels, split-testing, etc., can turn a kinda-sorta profitable website into a cash cow.

But because most organic traffic / content marketers don’t know about direct response tactics – or think it’s black magic – they end up leaving serious amounts of money on the table.


When I run Deep Dive Surveys for clients getting lots of organic traffic, I consistently find two things.

One, their audience ADORES them. Brand equity off the charts. Like, they would take a bullet for these people because of how much value they’ve provided over the years.

Two, their audience is practically on their knees BEGGING for more products.

Quick Example

As an example, I’ve got a client getting about 300,000 Unique Visitors in a niche where the pain their audience is suffering from is a 9/10. The members of this audience drop tens of thousands of dollars on potential solutions.

Yet my client didn’t have a lightbox pop-up on their site and was monetizing the entire thing with one core product – a mere $127 for information worth gold – and a random set of $39 eBooks.

No up-sells. No retargeting. No nothing.

But even worse than that: The market research I did for them showed their products were completely out of line with the solutions their audience was desperate for.

Further, their “lead magnet” was only capturing 750 emails per month, a depressing 0.25% of traffic.

The Solution

By throwing up a Ryan L style segmentation quiz and implementing tracking, we quickly bumped that number up to 9,000 per month, a full 1,200% increase.

We also got the volume we needed to accurately track their KPIs, and were able to figure out an email sub is worth $1.27 after the first 30 days.

The Results

Doing some basic math, this one change (which took half a day to implement) will add $10,477 in monthly sales / $125,730 in annual sales.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As we work to implement a full Ask funnel – complete with problem-specific sales pages being presented after the segmentation quiz, retargeting, autoresponders, etc. – this company should 4x, 6x, or 8x their sales.

That’s the good news.  The bad news?

Thou Shalt Not Leave Money on the Table

They’ve probably left hundreds of thousands – if not a million – dollars on the table by NOT doing this stuff years ago.

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer the same fate.

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