Top 7 Reasons Paid Traffic is King

“Want more visitors to your website?” If you answered “Yes,” pay attention. As you probably know, there are two ways to get traffic. The free way (organic traffic), and the paid way (advertising). Now, I won’t deny some people are great at getting “free” website visitors. Just look at Derek Halpern and Neil Patel. However, […] Read More

Top 3 Marketing Lessons from Donald Trump (that can make you $$$ today)

“Whether you love or hate him, Donald Trump is an expert marketer.” People who love him truly LOVE him. As in they’re getting into fist-fights with protesters at his rallies. Others DESPISE the Donald, but still can’t stop talking about him. What’s my point here? He’s whipped an entire country into a frenzy. In fact, […] Read More

How to Escape “Marketing Overwhelm” Instantly

“Want more leads and sales?” If you’re like 95% of business, your answer is: “Yes, can you show me how?” As you’re about to see, however, “How?” is the wrong question. Paradox of Choice I once saw an eBook that listed over 177 ways to market a business. From referrals to SEO to newspaper ads […] Read More

The Hidden Cost of SEO

In this post I explain the downside to focusing on SEO as a traffic generation strategy. Before I focused on copywriting and marketing consulting full-time, I did search engine optimization.  My first job out of college was at a large SEM agency in Los Angeles.  After I left I earned income both doing SEO and providing services.  I […] Read More