The High Ticket Coaching Conundrum

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The High Ticket Coaching ConundrumĀ 😔

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of high ticket coaches struggling with the same problem:

They’re not getting very many leads.

Because of this, they’re not making very many sales.

Because they don’t hold very many sales calls (due to their lack of leads)…

…they don’t hold enough sales call volume to intentionally practice / improve their phone sales skills.

Because of this, their sales skills are lacking…

…resulting in them closing a small percent of the leads they do generate.

The result of someone who doesn’t have a lot of leads and has mediocre sales skills?

They never make enough money to invest in lead generation services to get more leads.

The end result?

They never make more sales and stay trapped in an infinite downward cycle of low lead flow and mediocre closing abilities.

It’s an endless game of Chicken and Egg you MUST snap yourself out of…

…IF you want to escape the hamster wheel / non-stop hustle of YOU being 100% responsible for:

– Generating your own leads

– Closing your own sales calls

– Fulfilling on your coaching services

– And generally speaking doing EVERYTHING yourself

On top of that, most coaches didn’t get into this game to become: FB Ad Ninjas, Funnel Hackers, or Hardcore Closers.

So in addition to not making that much money, they’re spending a BUNCH of time doing stuff they hate.

The result?

– They’re constantly on the edge of burnout

– They lose passion for the people they’re *supposed* to be serving

– They begin to question whether they’re even cut out to be in this business

– Not to mention becoming bitter towards the other coaches in their industry who are having success

So what’s the solution?

Option #1

First, you can make someone money outside of your coaching business and pay experts to handle the lead gen and/or sales for you.

While this will be the most expensive in terms of financial investment…

…it is by FAR the fastest path to profits.

Because let’s be real:

How many YEARS is it going to take you to get good at copywriting, organic marketing, content creation, high ticket sales, and media buying (if you go the paid ads route)?

The answer?


Neither you nor me nor ANYONE will get “great” at all of the skills listed above.

At best, you’ll get really good at two, OK at another one or two, and suck at the rest.

Further, even if you do get “good” at one or a few of these areas..

…your skills will never match someone who has dedicated their career to mastering just ONE of these skills.

Meaning, what you’ll probably end up doing, is getting “decent” at everything yourself…

…make some good money…

…realize you don’t actually want to be doing all this marketing and sales stuff (given how time-consuming it is)…

…and end up paying a team of pros after all.

I just spoke with someone who is literally in this very same EXACT spot yesterday.

Fortunately, it only took her a year to get to the point of realizing she doesn’t want to be doing all this stuff.

Sadly, many coaches will spends YEARS before they arrive at this same exact conclusion.

Option #2

Get good at one, pay for the other.

If you’re not that good at generating leads, do whatever you have to do to get better at sales…

…so you can close more of the leads you do get…

…allowing you to make more money and invest in professional lead generation.

This will create a positive upwards chain reaction where you’re closing more deals…

…which results in you making more money…

…which allows you to invest into getting more leads…

…which will allow you to hold more sales calls with all these new leads coming in.

The result?

Because you’re holding all these sales calls, your sales skills are getting stronger and stronger, resulting in YOU closing even MORE deals.

It is literally a self perpetuating, upwards machine.

Same goes or if you suck at sales.

I personally know a LOT of really good high ticket closers.

Many of them operate on a commission basis with a minimal setup fee.

Meaning, if you can drive the leads, they can close your deals.

*In this video I explain how I closed over 90% of my coaching leads despite never having undergone any formal sales training.

The result?

Another self-perpetuating upwards cycle, where you drive more leads…

…leading to your sales team getting more experience and closing more deals…

…resulting in you making more money.

At this point, it’s up to you whether you invest in outside lead gen, keep doing it yourself, or whatever.

And with all that cash, you could potentially take your sales operations in-house, resulting in you getting to KEEP more of the money you’re making.

Option #3

You never get good at generating leads OR closing deals.

The result?

Guaranteed failure.

Make no mistake about it: Your positive intentions for transforming the world, making an impact, and “helping” your clients mean NOTHING.

Coaching is a business just like any other business.

It requires leads and someone to convert those leads into paying clients.

And that’s the bare minimum to get off the ground.

From there, you need systemized fulfillment, a back-end, etc.

But until the leads and sales parts are nailed down PAT…

…which you can get good at yourself or pay someone (like my team ; ) to handle for you…

…it is near IMPOSSIBLE to escape the downward sucking vortex of weak lead flow and mediocre sales skillsĀ 

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