How Industry Leading Experts Convert Leads into Buyers Fast

Content alone doesn’t inspire a buying frenzy…

Question: How many experts have you followed for months / years, but never spent a single dollar with them?

You know the ones I’m talking about. You listen to their podcasts, watch their videos, and read their blogs.

But no matter how much of their material you consume, at the end of the day, you spend little to no money on their products/services.

Content Does Not = Sales

As for myself, I could name a couple dozen I’ve followed over the years. Which leads me to question #2…

How many of you have stumbled upon someone, immediately fell in love with their content, and ended up spending four or five figures with them despite the fact that – three months ago – you didn’t even know they existed?

Yep. Same here.

So why do some experts inspire us to lurk and lurk and lurk, while others inspire rapid buying action?

It’s Not What You Think

As you can imagine, people have millions of guesses for why some experts rapidly convert their prospects into buyers, while the rest of the pack struggles to make sales.

“It’s their “magnetic” copywriting. They’re just good on camera. They’re the ‘authority’ in the marketplace.”

And while those are all great things to have, they’re not needle movers. Yes, strong copy that uses emotionally driven storytelling can rapidly bond our prospects to us.

And we’re naturally drawn to industry leaders. Especially good looking ones with slick branding.

But that stuff doesn’t drive rapid buying action.

It can get attention, yes. However, as stated earlier, our goal here isn’t attention (nor is it building a big “audience” of freebie seekers).

Our Goal: Sales (and LOTS of them)

No, our goal is sales. And lots of them.

So what’s the real needle mover here? Think of it like this.

Lately, I’ve been watching Lucifer on Netflix (hilarious btw). In the show, the main character occasionally sees a psychotherapist.

During their sessions, he’s always going on and on about how cruel the world is, how stupid people are, etc. Then the therapist asks him a question that gets him to see the situation in a new light…

And BAM!

Mind Explosion

At which point he gets up off the couch and leaves right in the middle of the session.

It’s like the old Dan Kennedy story about the guy who walked out on the second morning of a very expensive three-day mastermind.

When they finally got ahold of this guy to ask him why he disappeard, ya know what he told them?

“I had such a big insight I just had to go execute on it immediately. That insight alone was worth 10x what I paid, I simply didn’t need to learn anything else.”

Insight = Rapid Bonding

And that insight, my friends, is the key to rapidly converting your prospects into buyers (in a way they will love you for). Case in point…

Over the past half decade or so, there are approximately 20 experts I’ve followed. In that time, my spending has looked like this:

  • Approximately $2,000 in total purchases spread between ~15 of these people ($133 each on average)
  • $43,000+ spread between the remaining five ($8,600 each on average)

But here’s what interesting. With the 15 or so people I spent ~$2,000 with, almost every single one of them was someone I had followed for months or years on end.

With the five experts I spent mid-four – and even five – figures with, I’d been following them for less than three months, consumed less than five total hours of their content (in some cases less than one total hour), and signed up with them the first time we spoke (including one situation where I invested $5k without ever getting on the phone with anyone).

How You Can Do the Same

So, while the copywriters, ad managers, and “funnel” experts of the world may not like what I’m about to say, it needs to be said:

If you run an expert business, your graphic designer, copywriter, and content / social media manager do not have the “answer” to dramatically improving the response you see from your content marketing.

Hit ‘Em With Insights

Instead, the most powerful thing you can do is create consistently insightful content. Period.

The experts who have fanatical followings, allowing them to drive millions of dollars in business via nothing but content marketing on social media…

They’re insight delivering machines. They inspire braingasms in their audience week in and week out.

In fact, while using content to get your prospects to “Know, Like, and Trust” you is important, I’d bet $1,000 right now there are a ton of experts you know, like, and trust that you have never spent money with and probably never will.

I myself could name a dozen right now.

Insight Based Marketing + Irresistible Offers = Lay Down Sales

Now, is delivering insights the “End All, Be All” of marketing?

No, of course not.

Because if you’re not making the right offer to the right person at the right time, it doesn’t matter how insightful they think your content is, and it doesn’t matter how much they know, like and trust you…

They’re not going to buy.

However, when your content provides massive insights, your prospects Know, Like, and Trust you, and you’re making the right offer to the right person at the right time…

…you won’t believe how easy “selling” becomes.

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