How NOT to Run a Facebook Group

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🙅🏻 How NOT to Run a Group 🙅🏼‍♂️

I’ve been seeing a lot of coaches and experts launching new Facebook Groups lately, yet most of them are failing.

Failing to build goodwill with their audience. Failing to nurture their prospects toward a sale. Failing to accomplish much of anything.

So, as someone who earned tens of thousands of dollars from my Group, and monitors other people’s Groups to see what’s working…

…I thought I’d put together this quick list of basic rules to follow in your Group building journey.

#1 – Stop Making Endless Pitches

The fastest way to destroy a Group (or burnout an email list)?

Make the majority of your posts/emails pitches.

Hopefully, this is self-explanatory, but if the majority of your posts have a CTA in them…

…that goes beyond interacting with the content…

…you’re doing it wrong, and are better off shutting your Group down.


Because the damage all that endless pitching is doing to your Brand far outweighs the minuscule number of sales you *might* be generating.

#2 – Stop Beating People Over the Head with Value Posts

Macaully Ryan just wrote a great post about this today.

Long story short, it goes back to that whole thing about:

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Or, to put it another way:

“They come for the content, they STAY for the relationship.”

I made this mistake in my copywriting Group.

Endless amounts of “valuable” content, but very little relationship building.

Then I got stumped when my audience would constantly churn, with no one really sticking around long-term.

Point being: If you’re talking business all the time, you’re doing it wrong.

Be vulnerable. Tell stories. Share your ups AND downs.

It’s the only way to build a LOYAL audience / tribe that *actually* cares about you and looks forward to hearing from you.

#3 – Stop Posting “How to…” Content

About a month ago Kevin Nations & Travis Sago dropped a bomb I can’t stop thinking about.

Long story short, they explained how the thing that really attracts your prospects to you isn’t Authority, or Credibility, or even Social Proof.

No, the thing that attracts them to you is Insight.

And in particular, how many insights / how deep of insights you’re giving them.

This is why people flip their lids for Mitch Miller’s content:

He’s an insight-producing machine.

On the flip side, all this “How to…” content does almost nothing to build you up.

It doesn’t impress anyone. It doesn’t build a relationship or deepen people’s connection with you. The list goes on.

#4 – Post On a Consistent Basis

For some reason, there seems to be dramatically less engagement / interaction in Groups where the owner posts less than 3x per week.

On the flip side, posting 3x or more per week seems to generate the most active, engaging communities.

The exception to this being Travis Sago’s Million Dollar Offer Mojo Group.

Which shouldn’t come as a surprise given his content is extremely insightful.

#5 – Stop w/the Unrelated, Random Engagement Posts

Yes, asking what’s on someone’s Bucket List can get responses and “engagement.”

But if that engagement has nothing to do with the industry you serve, you’re basically click baiting people into commenting.

#6 – Not Engaging with Your Members

This ties in with the point above.

I see lots of people asking “What are your goals for today?” or “What did you do to move your business forward this week?”

Then when people respond, the owner doesn’t reply back…

…making their question-based post a pure engagement play / attempt to manipulate the FB algo so their other posts get more visibility.

This is a waste of people’s time.

And if you do it for long enough, they’ll start to realize you’re never going to respond.

The result?

They stop engaging with your posts / unfollow / leave your Group entirely.

#7 – Stop the Content Curation BS

If you’re posting links to a ton of outside content thinking your Group members are going to see you as some kind of authority for sharing all this “valuable” content with them, you’re kidding yourself.

‘Nuff said

#8 – Stop Posting So Many Videos

Even at 2x speed, ain’t nobody got time for watching all your effing videos.

Seriously. I know video “builds rapport” and helps people get to “Know, Like, and Trust” you faster.

Doesn’t matter. The reason written posts work is because people can skim.

With a video, skimming isn’t possible.

So, use it like a spice. Make your videos and “Lives” special occasions.

Not only will they get more attention when they’re positioned as a rare event where you plan to share jaw-dropping insights…

..but the people who tune in will pay more attention.

#9 – Stop Tagging New Members

It’s not 2017 people. No one’s falling for that shit anymore.

*And the more people you tag in each Welcome post, the less anyone pays attention.

#10 – Understand What a Group Is and Is Not

The best way I can explain this is in terms of Scott Oldford’s Sidewalk —> Slowlane —> Fastlane analogy.

Most of the people in your Group are on the Sidewalk. Your goal is to move them to the Slowlane.

You do that by getting them OUT of your Group and ONTO your email list, chatbot, or retargeting pixel (ideally all three).

From there, your goal is to move them to the Fastlane so you can sell them stuff.

#11 – Stop Selling So Much

This ties with points #1 and #10.

Long story short, no one logs onto Facebook to buy something.

Look at any of these guys/gals you follow online.

Their “Buy my stuff” posts get by FAR the lowest responses.

Does that mean you shouldn’t sell on social at all?

No, of course not.

But, like I mentioned above, your goal is not to sell via your Group.

Your goal is to move people from the Sidewalk into your Slowlane and Fastlane.

#12 – Create a Community

If you go through your feed and 90% or more of the posts in your Group are from you / your admins, you’re doing it wrong.

Groups were designed to be communities.

So if you find your Group has turned into a one-way street with you dumping out post after post…

…slow down on the content and start engaging people.

Want help turning your Group into a lead generating, cash-producing machine?

Contact us today for more information!

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