The Wrong Way to Treat Coaching Prospects

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“Prospects Who Submit Feedback Are Not Idiots…”

I recently saw a coach publicly FLAME a prospect in his Group 🔥

Apparently, someone watched this guy’s webinar and wrote him an email complaining the webinar didn’t fulfill on the promises made in the landing page copy (big surprise…)

So said Coach went on a multi-paragraph rant tearing this guy a new one for being so entitled.  Destroying this guy for wanting access to information without paying for it.  Ripping into him for actually wanting the info that was promised to him before he signed up for the webinar.

Admittedly this coach blocked the guy’s name and face out in his post.  But he ended the rant by saying, and I quote this word for word:

“Ball’s in your court. What you going to do now?”

Here’s why this coach is a master level idiot…

….and just lost a chance to convert a new prospect on his $7,000+ coaching program:

#1 – I personally know the team who helped him build his webinar funnel.

They’re notorious for building webinars that go light on content and heavy on ‘Mindset Shifts’ 🙄

Which is fine, as that’s how it’s supposed to be in webinars.

You’re not supposed to teach the How.

But you are supposed to teach the What and the Why.

So if you’re going to promise something in your landing page copy, you better deliver on it.

And if you can’t, because doing so would be giving away an important part of your system you feel people need to pay money for…

…change your f***ing landing page copy so you’re not making empty promises! 😡

#2 – There’s NOTHING good that can come from publicly flaming a prospect

Yes, I call out bad client behavior in my posts sometimes.

In fact, I’m doing so right now. 😉

But there’s no malice in my posts.

I share this stuff to (hopefully) help other above board, hard-working business owners…

…avoid the income destroying, reputation killing mistakes I see other people making. 👌

However, publicly ripping into someone because your feelings got hurt is COMPLETELY different.

This guy’s post didn’t contain any useful tips, any takeaways his audience could learn from, nothing.

It was pure hate and anger and rage.

It literally did nothing to add to the lives of his prospects or make the world a better place.

#3 – This is a great way to limit your income 💰

Publicly flaming someone who OBVIOUSLY wanted your services…

…given they just took time out of their day to watch your 45-minute training and write you an email…

…has to be by FAR the best way to ensure that person not only never buys from you…

..but tells everyone they know to stay the F away from you! 🏃🏻

I understand some people are entitled and don’t understand how much time and energy it takes to put out decent content.

That’s fine.

But how does publicly flaming them enhance your business or make the world a better place?

More important, what kind of brand does that build for you?

Well, as someone who’s seen the inside of various guru brands, I can tell you:

It builds an environment of fear and shame.

Speak out against the Almighty Guru and suffer the consequences.

In fact, there are Guru mafia stories I can’t even tell publicly.

The level of narcissism some of these people reach is mind-blowing.

#4 – This is AWESOME customer feedback 🤔

If someone takes time out of their day to sit on my webinar, find my email address, then write to me to tell me they feel I didn’t fulfill on my promises…

…imagine how many other DOZENS of people feel the same exact way, but never say anything about it.


Had this guy handled this situation properly, with an attitude of gratitude and a desire to serve…

…he probably could have turned the situation into a sale. 🤝

In fact, because I know this guy’s niche, and am about to launch a funnel in direct competition with him, here’s what I would have said:

Dear XXXX,

First, I wanted to thank you for sitting through my training and providing this valuable feedback.

While I do my best to provide value on my trainings, this was my first draft of the webinar, and it sounds like there’s some stuff I need to fix.

Further, the reason I didn’t share that information is because of ________________.

With that said, here are some links to other content I’ve put out that may help you find what you’re looking for:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Further, since you’re obviously interested in growing your business using __________, I’d be happy to get on a quick call with you to discuss your situation and give you some tips.

If that’s of interest to you, let me know and I’ll send you my calendar link.



Bam. Took me 50 seconds and probably could have rescued the sale.

Or at least rescued the prospect’s goodwill towards my brand, potentially opening the door to a future sale.


I literally don’t even know what to say about this kind of behavior.

If you could see how loud I’m banging on my keyboard, you’d understand how fired up I get about this kind of stuff.

It’s like John Carlton said a week or so ago:

“For every level of frustration you experience when a client writes into you with a question…

…shave another Zero off your income.”

Serve. Make the world a better place. Give people the benefit of the doubt.

If a coaching prospect submits constructive criticism, take that as a chance to improve your business – not release your rage via social media.

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