How to Build a Relationship w/Your List Part II

In the second post in our How to Build a Relationship with Your List series, we discuss the types of emails you should send to build relationships with your audience without damaging your ability to generate profits. Words: 1,010 | Reading Time: ~13 Minutes In part I of our series, we discussed how to use the […] Read More

How to Build a Relationship w/Your List Part I

In the first post of our How to Build a Relationship with your List series, we’ll discuss how to plan a full-blown email marketing campaign in thirty minutes or less. Words: 996 | Read Time: ~12 Minutes If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume you already have a list of 500 or more email […] Read More

How to Write Sub-Heads that Get Results

In this post I explain how to write sub-head that suck readers into your content with the force of a blackhole. In copywriting it’s understood that it’s impossible to make the sale if someone doesn’t stick around for the entire pitch.  So, making the sale (or getting the action you want) depends on your reader consuming […] Read More

How to Write Killer Headlines FAST

In this post I breakdown how anyone on the planet can write killer headlines that get results – in as little as one hour. If you’ve read my blog before you know I constantly harp on how headlines have the biggest impact on the performance of your ads, landing pages and sales letters – period.  Elite […] Read More