How to Get Prospects Addicted to Your Content

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The Key to Expert Positioning Isn’t What You Think…

A while back, I explained how service providers can rapidly establish Expert Authority positioning by providing insights (aka “ah-ha” moments) in their content and ads.

What I failed to explain, however, is WHY this simple strategy is so powerful.

So, I want to use today’s post to help you better understand how you can rapidly dominate the industry ‘veterans’ in your area by injecting insights into your marketing.

The Power of ‘Ah-ha Moments’

What you have to understand about insights is the effect they have on our perspective relative to our problems.

In particular, when someone experiences an insight / “ah-ha moment” as a result of reading, watching, or listening to something, they immediately experience the sensation of moving one step closer to their goals.  Why is that?

Unlocking Obstacles

In short, it’s because the insight you just gave them has “unlocked” an obstacle they haven’t been able to overcome on their own.

It’s like when, as a young boy, I would get stuck on a ‘level’ playing video games.

Through trial and error – and the occasional use of cheat codes – I’d eventually figure out what I was doing wrong and move past that level.

More important, however, was the insight I got from figuring out what I’d been doing wrong.

In particular, I was able to see things from a new perspective.  Having moved past the obstacle, I was able to see why my logic had been flawed, and why my attempts at forward progress weren’t working.

So what’s this got to do with you?

How to Become Your Prospect’s BFF Overnight

If you know anything about mindset, you know that if we don’t believe we’re capable of doing something, we won’t do that “thing” (ignoring when we’re forced to by something out of our control).

Meaning, when you give someone an insight, you’re improving their life by helping them get “unstuck” from their current situation.

And since your prospects are probably worried about hiring the wrong service provider, or not having the resources to give you what you need to do your job (for example), sharing insights about the correct way to think about these issues helps them move forward.

Reality vs Imagination

Now, here’s where this gets really interesting.

Experiencing an “ah-ha moment” doesn’t change our actual reality.  As we both know, until they act on that insight, their circumstances won’t change.

But because the dopamine drip of mentally “moving past” that obstacle is so strong, your prospects will begin to associate you / your marketing with “feeling good.”

Do this once, even it’s with a total stranger, and they’ll begin to see you as wiser than them (aka an Expert).

Rapid Authority Building

But when you do this to someone 10, 20, or 100 times, that repetitive process of Stimuli –> Dopamine Drip will rewire their brains to associate you and your marketing with them feeling GOOD.

The result?

An addiction that’s just as strong as sugar or cocaine.  Unlike these dangerous drugs, however, all you’re doing is helping your prospects make wiser, more informed buying decisions.

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