How Savvy Experts Sell Their Coaching Programs With Ease

Imagine getting a “Yes” on 50, 60, or even 80% of your sales calls and “strategy sessions.”

Sound like a pipedream?

For most coaches and trainers, ‘closing’ that many of their prospects would be a dream come true. A savvy few, however, have made this their reality.

And by understanding the intricacies of when it’s time to market – and when it’s time to sell – you too can enjoy less resistance in your sales process.

Here’s how.

The Five Key Components

Similar to most any other business on the planet, an expert business has five key elements to it:

  1. Lead Generation (aka Marketing) 🗣
  2. Lead Conversion (aka Sales) 🤝
  3. Fulfillment (aka Operations) 👥
  4. Backend (aka Retainment) 🍑
  5. Finances (your numbers / aka Profitability) 💰

Now, I’m not an expert in all five, but I do have a lot of experience with the first two.

And there seems to be some confusion as to how Marketing and Sales should be interacting together.

Why Most Experts Get Marketing and Sales Wrong

So, think of it like this:

Think of lead conversion like playing golf.

And for the sake of this analogy, let’s say making the sale = getting the ball in the hole.

Yes, every once in a blue moon, you’re going to hit a hole in one. Or you hit a perfect drive – and then out of pure luck – chip it right in the hole.

In the majority of situations, however, you’re going to have to hit the ball down the fairway a couple of times before you even get close to the green.

The Real Role of Marketing and Sales

So, to drive this analogy home (corny golf pun intended)…

Marketing = your drivers and your wedges.

It’s designed to get your prospects as close to the hole – making a buying decision – as possible.

Sales, on the other hand, is your putter.

It’s designed to take someone who’s on the edge of buying and tap them in.

Where 90% of experts go wrong is trying to use their putter – when in reality – the person they’re trying to sell to is 100+ yards from the hole.

Selling Too Soon

I see this all the time.

It’s why so many experts struggle with ‘sales.’ It’s why the coaches and trainers who run Facebook ads to ‘evergreen webinars’ get rejected on 80-90% of their sales calls.

In short, they’re selling too soon.

Like a golfer expecting to hit a perfect drive each and every time, the people who run these webinar funnels get on the phone thinking they have a realistic chance of closing every single person they talk to.

Where Funnels Fail

But in reality, their funnel only drove 10, 15, or 20% of the people who went through it up onto the green.

The rest?

They’re still on the fairway. Meaning they’re still in play and there’s still the potential to sell them something. However, they’re not ready to be closed quite yet.

They need more marketing before they’ll be ready to buy. You need to hit another drive – and another chip shot after that – before you’ll get ’em on the green.

And even then, there isn’t a golfer on the planet that makes every putt.


When I see someone generating leads for their coaching and training programs, but struggling to close the majority of them, odds are it’s because they’re pulling out their putter (sales) way too early.

Because when someone gets both of these right, and only accepts sales calls from prospects they know are on the green and ready to be sold…

…closing rates in the 50-90% range become commonplace (with almost zero hassle and no high-pressure or manipulation whatsoever).

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